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A look inside the shop of a favorite brand of vintage eyeglasses, Moscot, which just turned 100.

Moscot Intro

A look inside the shop of a favorite brand of vintage eyeglasses, Moscot, which just turned 100.

Posted by Joel on April 25 2015 • Personal

The Worst Job of 2015

The data tell the story: Newspaper reporter is the worst job of 2015. Jim Romenesko shares CareerCast’s latest survey of the best and worst jobs. Last year, it ranked 199 out of 200, but this year it was at the very bottom of the list. He quotes the press release:

“Newspaper reporter, which displaced lumberjack as the worst job of 2015, has a negative growth outlook of -13.33% and an average annual salary of $36,267. Broadcaster and photojournalist, with mid-level annual salaries of less than $30,000, also ranked at the bottom of the list. However, those with good writing skills often can find new employment in public relations, marketing, advertising and social media, where the outlook may be brighter.”


Posted by Joel on April 25 2015 • Journalism

Does College Have a Future After All?

imageThe title of the post is the question asked by Michael Roth in his review of Fareed Zakaria’s recently published book: In Defense of Liberal Education. “It’s all the rage to bash colleges and the ‘excellent sheep’ that higher ed produces, so a ringing endorsement of a liberal education is both surprising and welcome.”

Roth summarizes the book nicely: “Fareed Zakaria offers a compact, effective essay on the importance of a broad, contextual education. Cheerfully out of step with the strident critics of higher ed, In Defense of a Liberal Education is a reminder that American colleges and universities are a powerful resource that has allowed so many young people to learn about themselves and their ability to have a positive impact on the world. Although he is well aware of the pressures on advanced study in this time of economic anxiety, Zakaria has confidence that the resources for addressing contemporary challenges lie within the very traditions being criticized.”

There’s certainly more to college than simply training for a specific job. Let’s hear it for the English, History and Philosophy majors. Let’s hear it for the liberal arts.

Posted by Joel on April 11 2015 • Books